The Company

Company background & history

Osage Healthcare, Inc. is a privately owned company focused on bridging holistic approaches with scientific foundation to satisfy the needs of the consumer in ways that dramatically improve the health and appearance of hair, skin, and nails. Osage Healthcare aims to accomplish this mission through innovation of revolutionary beauty products that effectively addresses all of the physical attributes of the human body.

The founders of Osage Healthcare, Inc., having spent the past 20 years in the pharmaceutical and life science industries have developed a proprietary platform that is centric to the extract and seed oil of Maclura Pomifera – better know as the Osage Orange. As such Osage Healthcare has developed hair care products under the Pomifera brand.

Where Science Meets Beauty

Our philosophy of “Healthcare” for the skin & hair is paramount to every product developed at Osage Healthcare, Inc. At the heart of the Pomifera brand is the belief that really innovative beauty products should simplify your life.

The purposeful study and use of natural Pomifera Extract and Oil, with scientific integrity has led to patent pending hair care products that will simplify your life with maximum beauty. Your first experience using Pomifera Products will leave you asking: “What’s different about how my hair feels and looks?”

The combination of Pomifera Extract and Oil provides a patent pending blend rich in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agents that are beneficial to the moisturizing and growth of naturally healthy hair, skin and nails. Pomifera represents a unique instance that both an extract and oil originates from the same botanical source working synergistically to yield revolutionary hair and skin care products that contain scientifically supported properties. The end result is a hair care product option that maximizes the performance of conventional hair and skin care products, which yield healthy, natural, beautiful hair and skin.