How to Use

Pomifera Cleansing Conditioners are fun, extremely easy to use and beneficial to the condition, feel and look of your hair. Daily use establishes optimal hydration with great body and shine. First time users will want to shampoo with Pomifera Color Refresh Shampoo and then apply Pomifera Cleansing Conditioner as a deep moisturizing conditioner.

The following day, cleanse your hair with our Cleansing Condtioner without the use of any shampoo. Depending on your hair type and lifestyle, you will want to shampoo your hair two or three time a week to eliminate any buld-up from use of styling products and the environment. You’ll recognize when YOU need to shampoo.

When you feel the need to shampoo use Pomifera Color Refresh Shampoo and follow with our Cleansing Conditioner for your hair type. At this point you have established your Pomifera Cleansing Conditioner hair care regiment by Simply Shampooing Less.