About Cleansing Conditioners

Our Pomifera Extract and Oil botanicals
featured in this product contain anti-oxidants, antifungals, antibacterials and Omega-6 oil. The patent pending formula has the perfect balance of humectants, natural oils, and conditioning agents for healthy hair. A color safe product is sulfate, phosphate, sodium chloride, and paraben free. In addition to its excellent hydration and shine properties, the use of nutrient rich 100% Pomifera Gold Oil also offers some level of UV protection.

Good for your hair, Good for the environment
Pomifera is a naturally abundant botanical, purchased and purified within our local harvest communities via zero input farming techniques.  As a result, Pomifera botanicals have high impact on performance and low impact on the environment. This unique cleansing conditioner will make your hair look great and you’ll feel good about using a very earth friendly product.